Monday, 11 November 2013

Hmmm.... sounds very familiar

We hear this almost everyday in ringtones, lifts, when a car is on reverse gear etc.It is the world's most heard tune. here it is -

Now you don't need to think and tell the person sitting beside you - Hey! that sounds very familiar. Doesn't it ? 
And you would have also heard this name- 'Beethoven'
Anyways even if you haven't heard of him i'll tell you about him.

Ludwig Van Beethoven -
Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on 16th of December 1770. His Grandfather Ludwig and his father Johann both were musicians. At the age of 25 he lost his hearing. That did not stop him from composing music but he stopped performing on stage as he could not listen to what he played. He composed many symphonies and tunes during his life time. But the most popular among them was 'Fur Elise'( the video above). He died on march 26 1827 without knowing what magnificent contribution he had made in the field of music.

Monday, 4 November 2013

CONTINUATION .........(photoediting apps)

Pixlr Express
It seems that I discovered this quite late.............Pixlr Express also has an online version which is simply brilliant. Its very easy to use and no downloads required. Try this out . Here's an example-
After basic editing
After adding basic stickers

Friday, 1 November 2013

Learning music

Love listening to music ?
Go ahead, learn guitar,drums,flute etc........................
Learning music benefits the mind and soul in multiple ways. It gives inner satisfaction and brings inner peace. Moreover it also adds to your skills. And of course, can also make lots of money. Best part of learning music is that it makes you stand out in the crowd. It keeps you occupied and focused.
It also ensures that you NEVER ever get bored when you're alone.

Guys, go ahead, bring out the talent in you !!!!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

HEY GUYS! many of us here are in search of good 'PHOTO EDITING APPLICATIONS' .........................i've tried 15-20 applications  perhaps i've finally found the best ones!

Here are my favorites-

Photofunia is the best photo_background app i've ever seen. It's very user friendly and has a large variety of backgrounds to choose from. It places the image on the preset background and automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast ,so that it fits perfectly in the background. It makes the image look very realistic and is the best app to fool friends. It also has a large variety of text presets.Its available on all platforms (ios, android, blackberry, windows etc).It also has an online version at . 

all images above are made using Photofunia

2) Pixlr express
This app has a large variety of filters. It does a very neat and tidy job. It enhances the image color and has a number of flames, lights, stickers that can be added to the image.The DISADVANTAGE of this app compared to others is that every effect and filter has to be downloaded before use which in turn consumes lots of space.

Pixlr has better versions but are PAY N USE apps
The last one is Picsart
Pics-art is very similar to Pixlr Express. But picsart offers a huge variety of fonts and filters. The best part is that, it doesn't require internet and works quite fast. It also has separate mode for freehand drawing. It enriches the picture with life. Its available on android and ios.

Guys do try these apps and let me know your reviews. 
hey ! i'm Siddharth here i'm here to spread lots of interesting stay tuned!!!!