Saturday, 24 January 2015

Rubik's New Challenge -

Puzzles that changed the world :-

Hey there friends !
I happened to experience the Rubik's revolution taking place around me. Every alternate person on the road is equipped with the most brain-teasing puzzles. Since childhood, the Rubik's cube has fascinated me and I conquered it. The legendary - 'Rubik's cube' was created by Erno Rubik, who is a hungarian inventor. At 70 he still continues the ultimate legacy. His latest invention was the void cube as I have mentioned below. Do check out his profile and jaw dropping inventions. Lets know a little more in detail about some of his masterpieces.

1. The original 3x3 cube-

Picture courtsey -
The 3x3 cube was the first ever made cube (invented by Erno Rubik). It is the best selling puzzle even today. No matter new puzzles come up, but this remains one of its kind. It has been an inspiration for the creation for many other puzzles. With time, people have come up with hundreds of solution to it. A simple toy, made of plastic, can be shuffled and solved just by a few correct turns, but with supreme logic. Today, when you search 'cube' on Amazon , even a day's time would be less just to flip through all the results. People have created millions of puzzles based on the concept and logic. But the solution to all of them is to master the 3x3 cube i.e if you can solve a 3x3 cube, you can conquer almost any other puzzle. So, what are are waiting for ?? grab yours today and use the famous - 'cheatsheet' below- 

2. The Pyraminx

Inspired by the cube, what we have here is the pyramid. Its easier than the cube and more enjoyable. The pyraminx kept me engaged for a long time. As it is easy to solve you can invent your own way to it. The origin of this puzzle is not so clear on the web, some say it was invented before the creation of the cube while some say it is a recently developed toy.

3. The Mirror cube-

This toy looks futuristic and once again inspired by the cube. It shares the same solutions as that of the Rubik's cube just that it is slightly harder to solve as it changes its shape with respect to the moves you make and reverts to the shape of a cube when solved. It looks very interesting and comes in various metallic color variants. Out of all the puzzles I've tried this is my favorite one. So, do try check it out !

4.Rubik's 360
Amazingly this, is not a cube ! this is real innovation. This is a spherical gyroscope. It has no definite solution unless you find one ! It has 3 plastic transparent spheres, one inside the other. The aim of this puzzle is to get the colored tiny spheres out of the innermost sphere and guide them all the way out to their respective colored shells. To ensure that the colored balls don't come out of their shells while trying to get another ball to it shells, it comes with a circular lock as seen in the picture ( the black rotor ).

5.The Void cube

Here's a whole new challenge ! This is Rubik's latest creation and unfortunately people find it boring as it has to be solved in the same way just as the plain 3x3 cube. The design is the only thing that makes people buy it. There's no centerpiece , that means, you can have your finger go through the cube !!

6. The cube variants- 4x4, 5x5, 2x2 

2x2-The simplest and the easiest cube ever made, also known as -'pocket cube'

4x4- hmmmm........ here we have no centerpieces so hard to decide which color comes where. 

5x5 - 'Professor's cube' !!!!!

That's to much to choose from !!! My opinion - lets worship the 3x3 forget the others :) !!
                                                                                 - Siddharth

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

How the world changes in 3 blinks .....

It all started with one of my friends, Manas, instructed me to stay back in the class, during the lunch break. I expected that he would come up with a new type of puzzle (95% , a Rubiks cube) and ask me to solve it or maybe talk about my blog or possibly about the guitar........... But it seemed that his hands were fixed in his bag as if the bag was a Venus fly trap and he had his hand trapped. So out of curiosity I asked him why did he ask me to wait there. By that time, he had his hands out ..... 

Now a GRE student would term this ' My fall in the cosmos' . The next three blinks were hard to understand. My eyes were asking for feedback, i just couldn't understand what the hell was going on !

In my first blink I saw Manas, sitting on his seat with his tiffin in his hand, being put for auction in open air . He probably meant to tell me exclaiming ' Hey come here, ' I've got pizza !'. So ?
Now the next moment I felt as if the entire class had been suffering a famine and finally a miracle showed up.

In my second blink I found myself in a gigantic stampede where people were shouting as if there was a time bomb planted in our class and the doors were locked. Well, that was confusing .........

Third blink - ' BLANK ' Now this was like when Harry was shot by Voldemort and was now in heaven talking to Hagrid and finally again returning to real life.
Now I was out of the stampede , amazingly I didn't move out of the stampede the crowd moved away. Now, what I saw was exactly what I saw in my first blink just that the lunch box was now empty and the place was more silent and Manas was neutral.
The entire class extinguished the famine with Manas's tiffin. He was helpless knowing that he is in the class of missing legends , IX D. So all this lasted about 30 seconds and ow amazingly the atmosphere changed. If you can't beat your enemy join them :)


Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Guitar Skills

  5 Amazing Tips to enhance your Guitar skills !!

Being a student of music means being a student in perpetuity. So what we have here is a boost to your way to the Top. So here it is !

"It's what you play, not what you play it with "

1. Instrument does not matter

"It's what you play, not what you play it with "
Instrument is the last part of playing guitar. To master the art is important. Buying a Les Paul at an early stage would be a waste of money. The fact that anything played on the electric sounds good is what prevents guitarists from mastering the art. So play the best with whichever guitar you have and aim high !

2. Practice in a group

Teamwork,.....hmm......Playing a song with a guitar and singing all alone is an easy job, but coordinating with the entire band and jamming on the song is where you real guitar skills come live. You get to learn lot more from others in the band, compared to what you learn by yourself. In this way by playing with others you might end up creating your own band. learning by experience is the best way to learn. It teaches you when NOT to play.

3. Maintain a notebook

Human mind has a tendency to forget incidents that happened mere 5 minutes ago. Entering a room and forgetting the purpose of your visit ?
The moment you learn something new , you should have it on paper the next minute. An instant back up , for the music to keep flowing ! or if you want to pass on a song to your friend............In the long run when you would have learned a hundred songs you would find this book very useful and would come in handy.

3. Practice complete songs

All guitarists hate this advice and so do I. Playing 1/4th of the song and then switching to another and then a dragged solo and next comes the blues. This is the worst way to practice guitar. Focusing on one thing shows much more progress than, playing millions of things at the same time. I'm not saying its not good to explore, but exploring the explored for seconds isn't so rewarding........

4. Set targets

You know yourself the best not your teachers or classmates. So challenge yourself ! 
What lies behind you,
and what lies after you,
Are tiny matters,
compared to what lies within you......- Ralph Waldo Emerson

So be your own master, set your targets and deadlines of learning solos, songs or maybe creating new ones. Everyday learn a little more than before and improvise on it .

5. Be a good listener

                               Picture courtesy-

Appreciating all types of music is an integral part of learning guitar or for the fact, any other instrument. 
Before decoding the guitar part of song you should be well aware of the ups and downs of the song which you can only achieve by continuous listening.  The song may sound difficult to play but might be just the opposite. For all this, -
' Cheers You-tube '

And I don't think I need to say this as most of us are aware of it, Whenever you are stuck at some point of a known song , JUST.......... ' Cheers Youtube ' :)

I hope these tips help you on the way to your destination :)


Thursday, 8 January 2015


Hey there guitarists !
About to re-string your guitar?
Well, consider this,
This is for those who use steel strings ,

So when it comes to strings, you shouldn't compromise.......
They should be bought on a long term basis. The right time to change strings is when -
1. Your guitar starts going off tune Very often in a matter of seconds
2. There is a layer of visible dust
3. When, the strings get cuts on the Coated layer

If you experience any of these situations , restring your ACOUSTIC guitar with one of the sets listed below for best results.

1. D'addario EXP coated bronze series:-

D'addario has created and maintained its masterpiece in the years. EXP coated strings are slightly expensive but, worth what you pay for it. If you play guitar , an hour a day regularly or more than that , you don't need to think about it ; blindly go for it ! It keeps your guitar in tune for many hours of continuous playing and creates a heavy, long lasting,clear and delayed sound. I used these for about one and a half years and still I get the same sound that i heard the very first day, when I strung those to my guitar. This also add to the looks of your guitar. Unlike other strings, they have a bright-yellow color which adds to the warm and mellow tone that your guitar produces....

2. D'addario phosphor bronze series :-

These are just the opposite ! 
If you aren't a regular player and don't play often + you don't want to spend much on strings, these are just the right ones. They produce a very light and balanced tone and therefore are much lighter and inexpensive compared to the ones above. These strings are the ones that fit in inventory. The Sound is just perfect for playing country music. You can buy dozens of them and keep them for future.