Friday, 13 February 2015

School Challenges : Lessons from life

Little did I suspect, that learning guitar would place me in a head breaking situation........

Music has fascinated me, ever since I was a kid. Guitar, was how I finally settled with a hobby, for the past 3 years. Learning guitar was a challenge, but a million times simpler than the one I am currently facing. Definitely, one has to agree that everything has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when you're troubled all you can point out is disadvantages. 

It all started with the exam season. There is going to be a farewell party (more of an event) in our school for the students of 10th grade. Now here is the mistake (atleast for me) that I made - Being excited knowing that our music teacher wants 'me' to play guitar for the event, without thinking about its consequences, I said ' certainly !!! yeah! I will play! The next hour my brain started thinking on all four sides. Finally, I realized the mistake I made- The Final Exam was less than a month a away, and I would be missing an entire week of school i.e practicing for the event. When I told this to a band mate from my class, without thinking twice he resigned. I couldn't decide how I should react to this situation. 
Now if you were in my place, what would you do ?
1. Miss an entire week of school and let all the notes pile up before the exam and complete your work after you're done with the event .
2.Resign, like my friend and continue with normal school and keep your notes up to date.

I spent an entire day with my mom, on deciding on either of the two options and settled with the first. Remembering John lennon -
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one "
I stuck to the first option and decided to keep studies and hobbies as two separate lives and not compromise one for the other. Just as said in the 'Eye of the tiger'
' Don't lose the grip on the dreams of the past, 
  You must fight just to keep them alive '

Even prefects and sport players in school do the same. So never ever think of giving up your passion just for responsibility.
And for me , I pursued my passion .............And the magic of music seemed to light the way.

            A pile of incomplete doesn't matter much in life !
I hope by reading this , You will save time in making the right decision !
                                                                                       - Cheers Siddharth

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Maggi : India's beloved fast food

When I reached Rohtang (a pass in Manali, Himalayas), an unusual hunger struck me, ignoring the fact that I had lunch less than an hour ago. The snow was dazzling white and my vision wasn't clear. I saw a bright orange tent at a considerable distance. I went closer to it and I saw a slate hanging on the top of the tent. It said - 'MAGGI RS.50' in running cursive. 
The aroma tickled my nose and made me to enter the tent. There was an aged man who welcomed me and asked, 'so, what will you have' 
By the time I observed the tent, my order arrived. A bowl of glowing yellow noodle, with freshly cut and buttered vegetables............

I understood one thing for sure, Maggi tastes better when eaten at a higher altitude.
I'm unfortunate that its impossible to go for me to for a trek every time I eat maggi, But thats how I enjoy it .

Maggi has to be Nestle's greatest invention till date. On this Earth there would be millions of types of packed noodles. But none can compete with maggi. What makes it unique is that its simple to make and does not consume time. 
With time, people have come up with a variety of different dishes that can be made with maggi as the base ingredient. This 'maggi related innovation' is seen all over India. Maggi soup, maggi samosa, maggi paratha, maggi sandwhich etc are all results of innovation. 
The best thing that maggi did after this revolution was to sell the masala or the taste maker separately for a cheaper price. Because ever since maggi occupied the market, people bought it because they liked its unique taste given by the tastemaker. So once they had the tastemaker in the market to be sold individually, they sold like hot cakes. You can add the masala almost to any kind of food that you don't like and make it delicious (except for sweets).

A typical scene on the Indian highways........
So here ends the search for the 'fastest fast food'.
This is no science experiment , SO DO TRY THIS AT HOME :)
And for cooing instructions, Cheers Google :)

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